Monday, November 13th - Setting the Scene in Asia

*Simultaneous Thai translation available all day*

    1:00pm: Registration Opens    

Attendees are encouraged to network and join each other for dinner in the local area before the conference starts. 

    7:00pm: Regional Economic Updates: ASEAN Economic Community and GMS Integration.

        Location: Convention Hall C (1st Floor) - Everyone

  • Dr. Shantanu Dutta - International Justice Mission, India. 
  • Ms Octavia Borthwick - Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy in Bangkok
  • Kaori Kawarabayashi - UN-ACT Regional Project Manager, Greater Mekong Sub-Region

    9:00pm: End of First Night

Tuesday, November 14th - Big Picture Regional UPdates

On Tuesday we will hear the big picture of what is happening across our Asian / Indian region. How do we work innovatively, smarter and effectively?   

*Simultaneous Thai translation available all day*

    8:00am - Registration Opens

        Location: Salathai Hall - Everyone

    8:30am - Welcome and Introductions

    9:00am - Fishing Industry: Legal, Medical and Labour Rights Activists

  • Katherine Welch M.D. - Relentless, Bangkok Thailand.
  • Dornnapha Sukkree, Esq. - Litigator & Legal Advisor, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sompong Srakaew - Labor Rights Promotion Network, Bangkok, Thailand

    10:15am - NGOs and Businesses

  • Mark Taylor - Issara Institute
  • Darian Mcbain - Thai Union

    11:15am - Coffee and Tea Break

    11:45 - Engaging the finance sector and other ways to disrupt trafficking

  • Leighton Joyce - Liberty Asia, Hong Kong
  • B.C. Tan - Thomson Reuters, Hong Kong

    12:45pm - Break for Lunch

    2:00pm - Healing the Whole Person: Why trauma recovery and sustainable employment need to go hand in hand. 

  • Micaela Cronin - Hagar International, Cambodia
  • Matthew Fairfax - Justice and Soul, Cambodia

    3:00pm - Coffee and Tea Break

    3:45pm - Legal Frameworks and Avenues for Justice

  • Archana Kotecha - Liberty Asia, Hong Kong
  • Prof. Jennifer Burn - Anti-Slavery Australia

    5:00pm - Ending Session & Announcements

Wednesday, November 15th - Sector Focus

On Wednesday we will meet together in sectors that we focus on eg. Fishing domestic servitude, sexual exploitation - to share, listen and find best practice and possibilities.

*Thai Translation available in Salathai hall only, please see schedule for future details*

    8:30am - Registration Opens

        Location: Salathai Hall - Everyone

    9:00am - Opening Remarks: Collaboration in Practice (Simultaneous Thai translation available)

  • Helen Sworn - Chab Dai, Cambodia
  • Fuzz and Carolyn Kitto - STOP THE TRAFFIK, Australia

    10:15am - Coffee and Tea Break       

    10:45am - Framing the Issues

       Salathai Hall - Everyone

    12:00pm - Break for Lunch

    1:00pm - Breakout Sessions by Issues

  • Salathai Hall - Sex Trafficking, Exploitation and Abuse, Forced Marriage (Thai translation available)
    • Group 1: Sex Trafficking, Exploitation and Abuse. 
    • Group 2: Forced Marriage 
  • Cattleya 2 - Labor Trafficking and Workplace Exploitation
    • Group 1: Fishing, Forced Labour and Construction 
    • Group 2: Domestic Workers 
  • Cattleya 1
    • Migration and Refugees
  • Cattleya 3
    • Policy & Legal

    3:00pm - Coffee and Tea Break

    3:30pm - Gallery Walk Around

Thursday, November 16th - ways forward 

On Thursday we will gather around specific solutions and responses, with a focus on identifying areas of partnerships. People may move from one group to another. We will finish with a gathered session.

    8:30am - Registration Opens

    9:00am - Opening Remarks

        Salathai Hall - Everyone

    9:30am - Breakout Sessions by Solutions

  • Salathai Hall
    • Group 1: Legal & Cases: Law Enforcement & Investigation
    • Group 2: Advocacy
    • Group 3: Prevention & Building Resilient Communities
  • Cattleya 2
    • Group 1: Social Enterprise & Freedom Business
    • Group 2: Engaging with the Business Sector & Supply Chain
  • Cattleya 1
    • Aftercare 
  • Cattleya 3
    • Research

    12:00pm - Break for Lunch

    1:00pm - The Way Forward: Solution Feedback

        Salathai Hall - Everyone

    2:00pm - Coffee and Tea Break

    2:30pm - Breakout Groups: Country Planning

        Salathai Hall - Everyone

    3:30pm - Closing Remarks

        Salathai Hall - Everyone

    4:00pm - End of Conference

*This is a tentative schedule intended to give an early preview of what to expect. Times, speakers and topics could change so please check back regularly for the most up to date information.