If you attended the ARAT conference last year, you may remember the source and destination routes mapping we did on paper to better understand the focus of resource allocation and guide improved referral mechanisms. 

This year, Freedom Collaborative is helping us to create a digitalized version of the map.

Supported by the USAID Asia Counter Trafficking in Persons program implemented by Winrock International, Freedom Collaborative has introduced collaborative data gatherings in Mid 2018. Since then they have collected 445 submissions on trafficking and migration routes as well as 100 submissions on observations on corruption activity from organisations all around the world.

We want to invite you to contribute your knowledge and information on the Asia region to the data collection, to ensure the information on the map is up-to-date and useful.

The map is unique in that it not only gives us an overview of the main countries of source and destination but detailed city to city routes including transit points. If you have information on border crossing locations, this is exactly the type of detailed information that is useful.

Freedom Collaborative will be presenting the map on the first morning of the conference, to give us all an overview of the information collected.

Please note: If you don't have a Freedom Collaborative account yet, you'll need to create one first. We won't be sharing any of your organization information on the map, but keeping track of the submissions helps us with validation of the data collected. 

“To make the most of our community knowledge and expertise, we have created a means of gathering data on concise questions relating to specific global trafficking activities. The first topic is the trafficking and migration routes member organizations have encountered over the past year. All information is visualized on the map below, so we can all track and analyze flows and trends in one place.”

Many changes to society, industry and government are needed before slavery and exploitation are ended. One weakness that needs addressing immediately, which is crucial to any chance of success, is to encourage and develop collaboration from the bottom up, driven by those on the frontline.

Freedom Collaborative is an online community platform that unites anti-human trafficking stakeholders from around the world. It provides a space to identify, meet, share and use tools and resources for improving and aiding the care of victims and the fight to end modern slavery and exploitation across civil society, private sector, and academia.

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