We are hard at work on processing our topic request survey and have begun reaching out to experts in the field regarding the needs that you have requested support in.  

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Topic Survey Results:

A few highlights from the survey thus far:  

There were 72 responses to our info request survey! We are encouraged by the number of responses we have received from our survey and that over 60% of our respondents were from local NGOs! ARAT is a great place for smaller organizations to see their important role that we all play in ending human trafficking. A lot of the responses say the same thing over and over again: networking! We are working on new ways to increase networking support for next year’s conference which we look forward to sharing with you in the upcoming months. We are also encouraged by the expressed need for a regional strategy and support.

We will continue to use the survey that has been filled out by you to guide us in selecting the best presentations that apply directly to your work.

70% of organizations have a self-care policy in place.
63% of organizations interested in ARAT are local NGOs!
70% of organizations collect and analyze data.
65% share and participate in external data collections.

Most Requested Topics:
Working with Legal / Government (includes advocacy, and police)
Data collection & Sharing / Research
Strategies to end trafficking country and regional
Jobs for Survivors / Economic Support
Repatriation (Practices and Referrals) & Reintegration
General trafficking information, global and regional.

What Are You Looking for Most at ARAT:
Networking & Collaboration
Sharing & Receiving Best Practices
Regional Updates & Country Updates

General Topic Requests:
How to work with diverse faith groups for prevention of trafficking.
How to work with diverse stakeholders on issues of trafficking.
Issues on trafficking of children.