Thank you for being part of theAsiaRegion Anti-Trafficking Conference (ARAT). Only 3 months to wait until the conference!  

Reminder! Early Bird Ticket Sales End This Friday:
This is a friendly reminder that there are only a few days remaining for Early Bird ticket sales. After November 30th the price will increase to 240.00 USD.

Early Bird tickets are available now through November 30th for 210.00 USD.
Standard tickets will be available through February 22, 2019 for 240.00 USD.
All tickets include:

  • Admission to the conference 

  • Coffee, Snacks, and Buffet Lunch for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

  • Access to our iPhone and Android app for networking during the conference  

Dinner and lodging areNOTincluded. Hotel suggestions are available on our website.

Speakers and Topics:
A preview schedule with topics and themes has now been uploaded to the website.You can view that here. Speakers and more topics will be announced over the next few weeks. We have updated the list of breakout sessions below.

Panel sessions will cover: 
Freedom Businesses 

Breakout sessions will cover: 
Building and Sustaining Networks & Coalitions 
Measuring Impact on Freedom Businesses 
Monitoring and Evaluating: How do NGO's Measure our Impact
Survivor Care
Survivor Voice 
Forced Marriage
Trauma Informed Care

Panel speakers will present in English, simultaneous translation in Thai will be made available where possible.

We look forward to collaborating with you and bringing forward the next action steps in preventing, disrupting and abolishing human trafficking and slavery.

-The ARAT Conference Team